A Princess Tale

July 15, 2011

The Princess tells me, “Mom, I have to go pee and poop.” Yes, in those exact words. Lovely.

“That’s great, hunny. Go ahead and go.” To which she gets up and runs to the bathroom. After about 30 seconds I hear, “Mom, I need help!”

I want to tell her that I can’t get up at that exact moment, that I’m too busy drinking iced coffee and surfing the net. But I’m not that kind of mom, so, instead, I tell our Baby Bear to go see what she wants. Just kidding. Really I got up and went to the Princess’s aid because I didn’t want to hear her whine and cry for me anymore. I get to the bathroom and find a few used pieces of toilet paper. Ick.

Princess says, “Mom, I can’t get any paper.” I laugh, hand her some tissue, and tell her to pick the dirty TP off the floor when she’s done. I didn’t want to return to the bathroom in 10 minutes and find dirty toilet paper on the floor. Who does?

Once she finished up she says, “I need to get new undies.” Before I utter a word, the Baby Bear speaks up, “That’s okay, hunny. You go potty.” What a stud!

After awhile, I went to inspect the bathroom and found no dirty toilet paper on the floor. That’s my girl!

However, a few minutes later I discovered a pair of poop-stained undies on the floor a foot away from the laundry basket.

Thank you, Princess.

— the Jilb


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