Family Vacation: Day One

July 17, 2011

This next week we’re staying with Reinman’s family in a cabin by a lake. I am so excited! A week of fishing, drinking iced coffee, relaxing (maybe — we’ll see how these kids behave. I might just let them run wild. They do have life jackets after all. Just kidding. About letting them run wild. They do really have life jackets.), playing games and maybe some volleyball sounds like the perfect vacation to me.

The day started out with a bang. The Joker puked up her dinner about 10 minutes away from the cabin. Poor girl. It didn’t seem to phase her though because as soon as she was out of the van and her icky clothes were off she started to run to the lake. And you probably don’t know this about the Joker, but she hates to be stopped. We had to bring her kicking and screaming into the cabin. That girl loves water.

Since she was freaking out I decided she needed something to do.

You can tell she’s real happy to be holding that broom right now. Nice, isn’t it? That’ll teach you to scream at me, Joker!

While the kids ate second dinner with their grandparents I took the Baby back to our cabin (we have our own cabin, did I mention that? Nice!) and put her down for the night. She was a tired girl.

There’s nothing better than a sleeping baby.

And to end my night I did what I thought was very, very crucial:

I made an extra large batch of iced coffee for tomorrow morning. I need my coffee. Seriously. Who doesn’t? Well, if you don’t drink coffee, that’s probably a good thing.

— the Jilb


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