Family Vacation: Day Five

July 21, 2011

Today we spent the whole day fishing. And it was awesome! I haven’t fished in like 10 years and I realize how much I miss it. Now, I only caught a small perch, but that’s more than I can say for Reinman. Hehe. The Princess caught a small walleye. The Bear and the Joker caught nothing, but they seemed okay with that. They just wanted to eat suckers that the Grandparents gave them. Silly kids. Here’s a few photos from today:

The Princess checking out the water. She just stared and stared. Fishing is so relaxing.

The Bear finally got up from his seat to check out the water. That’s about as much fishing as he did.

I’m using the Bear’s kiddie fishing pole. Notice how serious I am. I mean business!

The Bear doing a little bit of fishing. Then he says, “Sucker?” And that’s all she wrote for fishing for the little man for the day.

Reinman hanging out with the Baby. What a stud!

The Princess and the Joker look a little worried about how fast Papa drives the boat.

And finally, Reinman with the Baby. Isn’t she the cutest in that hat?

— the Jilb



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