Battle of the Sippy Cup

July 29, 2011

Today the Baby was doing the usual, crawling around on the floor and eating Cheerios. I love how that one Cheerio is stuck on her lip.

Still eating… She looks up to do a cute pose for me. And, yes, that darn Cheerio is still there. Ha.

The Joker comes along and helps Baby out by taking the lonely Cheerio off her lip and eating it. What a helpful big sister. (Wish I could have gotten a picture.)

Baby returns the favor by noticing the Joker’s sippy, which is her favorite thing ever, and decides she needs it. Now.

I think Baby would say, “Mine. Mine. Mine,” if she could.

The Joker is not pleased. Not at all. But, boy, does she make the best faces.

To prove to Baby who’s boss she takes a drink…

… and another drink. “See baby. It’s all mine!”

And then in uncharacteristic fashion, the Joker gives Baby a sip. What a nice big sister! (And then Mom promptly takes it away).

The End

— the Jilb



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