Shark Week!

August 2, 2011

This week the Princess and I have been faithfully watching “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel.

Needless to say, we’re addicted. I can’t get the Princess away from the TV.


To celebrate our love of the show, we picked up some toy sharks.


We also had a Hammerhead shark but we lost it the same day we got it. Sigh.

Besides buying a couple of sharks, we also got some frogs, dinosaurs and lizards. Reinman couldn’t help himself.


As we watch “Shark Week,” the Princess continually asks if the sharks are okay. Leave it to her to worry about the man-eating sharks.

She seems to do this a lot. While watching “The Jungle Book,” she was concerned for the tiger and didn’t like that “mean boy.”

She loves her new shark and one of her favorite things to do with it is fly it around like an airplane.


And she also likes to have the shark fight a dinosaur. She tells me that the shark always wins!


And now the Princess must get back to doing princess-type things, like brushing her hair with a barbie-sized brush in front of our bathroom mirror.


— the Jilb



  1. I LOVE this post!!! It’s so Emma 🙂 Andrew and I were commenting on her concern for Shere Khan instead of that “mean kid” who put fire on the tiger’s tail when we saw your post about the sharks being OK. She’s wonderful.

    • I know! She’s so silly and so funny. Love it!

  2. I would expect nothing less from the Princess but to be concerned for the sharks…she has such passion!

    • Yes, she does! She’s very compassionate and sensitive.

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