Project Runway Par-Tay!

August 12, 2011

The last couple of Thursday nights, I’ve been having my mother-in-law, who I like to call Becky-Mom, my brother-in-law, Mike, and sister-in-law, Penny, over to watch Project Runway.


We do what most people like to do while watching this show: make fun of the crazy people and their crazy clothes to match. The only thing is, we’re (or at least me) serious about it. I like to kick Reinman out of the house and make sure no other males (namely Reinman’s other male family) come over while the show is on.

The guys like to make fun of the show and talk while it’s on. I get annoyed but I don’t blame them. It’s not really a “guy” show. (In all honesty, no guys besides Mike have been over to watch the show, but this is how I imagine things would go if they were around). And since the show doesn’t interest them, they talk and their voices get louder and louder. Just thinking about this is annoying me. So, that’s why most boys are not allowed!

Anyways, we sit around and make fun of the show — we make fun of it in the “right” way though. And then my favorite part. We eat snacks. Cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit, little apple tartlets. Last night we had pudding with whipped cream and cookies.


And I have to say my favorite part of the show is Tim Gunn.


Every week they send someone home and Tim is the most compassionate person ever. He tells them he’ll miss them, he might get even teary-eyed, and then he gives them a hug on their way out. Love that man.

I don’t have much to say about last night’s show. It kind of bored me. Dressing models on stilts? Please! And while I like Fallene, it was probably her time to go home. Next week’s episode looks good though! Making PR judge Nina Garcia an outfit should be interesting.

— the Jilb



  1. I have to say I’ve lost interest in most “reality” TV shows after, say the first season or the first episode, or even the first 5 minutes, but this one has really captured my attention. When I was younger, I sometimes dreamed of being a designer and even attempted a few sketches. I loved to sew in those days (when fabric was cheap and you could make whole outfits for what you might pay for a pair of jeans.) You mentioned Fallene being voted out. The thing Fallene lacked was self-confidence, and unless she “found her soul” as she put it – and did it quickly – she was doomed from the start. The winners are always confident, and some are downright arrogant when it comes to their abilities. The thing I like most about this particular reality show is it hasn’t become predictable in the challenges given. Sure, they’re similar from season to season, but they never repeat which keeps me coming back for more!

    That said, thanks, Jill, for hosting our Thursday night PR parties!

    • I think, too, that this reality show is different from a lot of other ones, which makes it unique. You have people making clothes in a small amount of time and all that. I think I’m just thinking of those “Housewive,” and “Bachelor” shows that are the same crap from season-to-season. (Even though I still get sucked in from time-to-time).

      Fallene definitely needed more confidence. Even though we love to hate Viktor and Bert at least we know they’ll deliver. (except for last week when Bert gave up because he had immunity. Ugh)

  2. True about Viktor and Bert. I wonder how long Bert will last? I’d like to think he’d be in the final 3, but I don’t know. His attitude reminds me of Eyeore (the book Eyeore not the Disney one.)

    • Hard to say. I can tell Bert is talented but his attitude stinks.

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