First Day of School

August 23, 2011

Yesterday was Reinman’s first day of teaching, which means it’s back to the real world for us. No more sleeping in– oh, wait. That never happened.

No more running off to eat lunch wherever we wanted. No more taking the kids to the beach after naps.

Sigh. I love summer.

So, since Reinman is off teaching I figured I should probably find something to do with these kids during the day so they don’t drive me crazy. I stumbled across Confessions of a Homeschooler and found some fun activities that would teach the Princess things she should know (and she knows a lot already), while entertaining the Bear and the Joker.

This week we’re reviewing the ABC’s, which so far has been pretty easy. The Princess knows her stuff.


We started off matching magnetic alphabet letters to pictures, like “A is for apple,” sort of thing. This was almost too easy for the Princess. She had those letters on that paper in no time.


Next I wrote lowercase letters onto clothes pins. She would match those to their uppercase counterparts.


This was a little bit harder for our Princess, probably mostly due to my handwriting and a little bit due to the Joker and the Bear “helping” by taking all the clothes pins and hiding them in slippers. Silly kids.


She finished and then wanted to play some more, but only if I would do something with those kids. They got in her way and she did not like it. Ha!

More “school” tomorrow. Now I just have to find something else for the twins to do….

— the Jilb



  1. That’s our big girl! Maybe Emma can “teach” the twins! (She can be the teacher – like her Daddy!)

    • Haha. More like she wants them out of her face! Hehe.

  2. Don’t feel like you have to stay home – field trips are fun AND educational! Although perhaps the beach isn’t the best idea when it gets cold.

    I’ve also found some great stuff on Confessions of a Homeschooler – I’ll have to print out that letter wheel!

    • Taking field trips would be fun, but I don’t think I’d be up to it all on my own. 🙂

      I’ve found lots of good stuff on the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. And so far our oldest is loving all the “games” we’ve been doing from that site.

      • Hehe… I feel the same way much of the time. It’s nice when Daddy has a day off or Grandma tags along to have the extra help. But sometimes just getting out of the house is a necessity for saving my sanity. We like to go to the library (for storytime), the playground (try packing a simple picnic), the zoo, and to a pick-your-own farm (recently we’ve done blueberries, and peaches are next on the list).

      • Yeah, having an extra hand is awesome and essential for me. I don’t think I’d go anywhere alone with all 4 kids. Talk about insanity!!

        When the hubby is home, we do try to get out of the house a couple times a week. Our library opened an inside playground last year that I know we’ll be checking out soon.

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