Dead Flowers and Dogs

August 25, 2011

Yesterday, we had another school day. The Princess learned some more about the alphabet and the Bear helped.


And then we went outside to let the kids expel some energy.


The Joker kept bringing Reinman dried up, old flowers. After each flower she gave she would demand a kiss and a hug from each of us and then would run off to find more flowers.



While the Joker was picking flowers, the Bear and the Princess gathered sticks to feed to the dogs next door.


I told the Princess that she had to stop throwing sticks into the neighbors yard. She said okay and them ran off to get more sticks.


I then saw her put a stick through the fence and then she looked at me and yelled, “Mom, the dogs love the sticks. They want to eat them!”


I have to admit it was true. I saw the dogs eating the sticks. Even though it was funny, it probably was still not a good thing to put sticks in the neighbors’ yard. Or to let the dogs eat sticks, which is kind of weird, I think.

— the Jilb


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