Three Kids in a Box

August 31, 2011


Last night the kids spent some much needed time in their sandbox. They needed to get messy. And sandy. And to just be kids and have fun. I think they’re cooped up in the house way too much.

The Joker used this time to dump as much of the sand as she could out of the sandbox. Why am I not surprised?



At least she was happy.


The Baby was just happy to be there. I love seeing those two teeth when she smiles.


The Bear played with his truck. He loves trucks.


And, sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the Princess. She pretended to be camera shy and that was the end of that.

— the Jilb



  1. There won’t be any playing outside today, unless you put rain boots on ’em. Splashing in puddles can be fun, though!

    • I know. It’s icky out today, but I like it. A pajama and movie sort of day!

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