A Messy One and Two Picky Ones

September 7, 2011

For lunch today we had some leftover yummy pizza hot dish that my mom made the other night while babysitting the kids.

The Joker loved it. She had three helpings and wanted more.


The other two though, as cute as they are, can be the pickiest eaters ever.


Don’t get me wrong. They like to eat. They’ll eat things like donuts. Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets. Popcorn. Chocolate. Looks like we’ve started something bad with these two.

Okay, actually the Princess ate some carrots during lunch and the Bear ate a handful of blueberries. That’s a start, I guess.

— the Jilb



  1. I don’t envy your two picky eaters. I have two messy and one picky, and wow, just the one can drive me batty sometimes.

    • Yeah, they can drive me crazy sometimes, but they know they have to eat what’s on their plate or no treats. It does get really annoying though.

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