You Never Can Tell with (the) Bees (blog)

September 10, 2011

Without delving into the boring details, I’ve been permanently locked out of my old Blogger account. (I’m not the only one.) And so, when Blogger threw me lemons, I recreated the entire “You Never Can Tell with Bees” blog on WordPress — and I did it using nothing but freshly squeezed lemon juice (and text).

You can see the new and improved Bees blog here: www.reinmanblog.wordpress.com.  And by “improved” I mean “noticeably crappier.” For instance, some of the formatting was lost in translation, and I haven’t yet moved the comments over. But the original posts are more or less intact, in all their bee-hating, wiki-bashing, movie-self-promoting, Wii-chasing, yourethemannowdogging glory.

A few scattered thoughts:

1. I had forgotten how bee-centric the first few months of the blog were. I mean, I wrote about bees, likea lot. That must have been back when I cared about things like “theme” and “focus” and “quality writing.”

2. I complained a lot about crappy television in 2004.  And looking back, it makes sense — 2004 was a pretty bleak year. Reality TV was beginning to fully hit its stride (bad), The Simpsons was starting to stink (bad), and that was about it. If only I had known a television renaissance (Lost, The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Parks and Rec, Community, Modern Family) was just a year or two away. (And yes, it was my own fault for not catching on to Arrested Development sooner.)

3. Going through the old blog, post-by-post, was kind of like going through photo albums with the Jilb and the Princess. It’s weird realizing how much of my life I’ve already forgotten. For example, the Jilb and I got engaged smack dab in the middle of the Starting Tomorrow shoot. Who knew?

4. As the night wore on, and as I continued tediously copying and pasting post after post, I began getting mad at my old self. “Stop posting so much!” I yelled at my old self.  That was right around May 2006. Mercifully, my old self listened.

5. My old blog was so self-referential it was nauseating.  Thank goodness I made it through that phrase.

— Reinman



  1. In the post, I neglected to mention the somewhat urgent reason behind the transfer: if the user doesn’t sign in for a number if years (and, again, I am unable to) the entire blog may be deleted.

  2. I forgot just how inspired the “You never can tell with nuts” post was. And it led to another beautiful post a few weeks ago.

  3. Thanks. I tend to hide behind the breastplate of snark and the shield of irony, so it’s good to stretch myself every so often.

  4. Is it pathetic that I have slowly been going back reading old YNCTB posts? Great interview with George Lucas. Did you punch him in the face?

  5. To be fair, probably not as pathetic as me undertaking that project in the first place.

    What’s depressing is I was definitely a lot funnier back then. What happened to my funny? (As always, I blame my kids.)

    Anyway, with the new blu-rays coming out, maybe it’s time for another interview with George (cause I don’t post enough about Star Wars already).

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