Potty Training Day 103

September 16, 2011

At least it feels that long. We started potty training the twins back in June. Okay, so maybe it has been that long. Our potty training efforts have been lax, at best.

We’d ask one or both kids if they wanted to sit on the potty.

Mistake Number 1. Never ask your kid if they want to sit on the potty. Of course they don’t.

Then we’d fight with them and I’d try to hold them down while saying, “Just pee already!” That’s not how it always goes, but sometimes.

It’s gotten to the point now though that the Joker will willingly sit on the potty chair for like 5 minutes. Yahoo! And yesterday and today she managed to pee a little bit. Yahoo! So, out came the Skittles. 10 for the Joker for being such a good pee-er, 5 for the Princess for being such a good helper, and 2 for the Bear for being such a good whiner.

The Bear hates the potty. He screams and fusses. I have a feeling that the Joker could be potty trained by next week, and the Bear will still be crying, and I’ll still be holding him down, and begging him to pee.

I guess we’ll see. In the meantime here’s a sweet picture of the Joker on the potty while the Princess and the Bear read her a book.


— the Jilb



  1. “. . . and 2 for the Bear for being such a good whiner.”

    Great line!

    • Hehe.. It’s so true!

  2. We just bought Stella a little potty chair since she’s been asking to sit on the toilet for awhile. She LOVES sitting on it (and standing up, and sitting down, and standing up, etc, etc, etc…), but I leave her in her clothes. The only two times I took off her diaper ended with her standing up and peeing on the floor. doh! Guess she’s not as ready as I was (secretly) hoping (but not expecting).

    • That’s good that she like it though. I bet she’ll be ready in no time! 🙂

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