October 10, 2011

As a bookend to the Jilb’s post about her favorite fall things, here’s a re-post from the (new) old Bee blog.

What do you think about when you hear the word “fall”? Sky-diving? Cliff-jumping? Tripping on your laptop cord? Those are all wrong.

We’re talking about the season. Autumn. Fall. Now what do you think about? A bountiful harvest? The leaves changing? No. You think about Gene Hackman driving through the Indiana countryside accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith’s sublime score.

Because that’s what fall is.

A lot of guys will tell you fall is football. They’re wrong, because I once saw a shirt that said “Football is Life.” Football can’t be two things.

Others will tell you that fall represents aging and death. They’re the sort of people who read books and have poetry blogs. Your best bet is to dangle a modifier in front of them. They’ll bat it around for awhile until they get sleepy. Once they’re out, turn on NPR at low volume, then go down to the basement and watch Hoosiers.

It’s a good movie

— Reinman


One comment

  1. Super. Well worth the re-hit.

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