New House and the Kids That Live in It

October 17, 2011

This past Saturday we moved into our new house. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Having help is awesome. It sure made things go smoothly.

So, we moved in, and Saturday afternoon we showed the kids (who had been staying with my mom while we moved) their new house and rooms. The Bear and the Joker got new beds and bedding, and the Princess got new bedding also. They are in love with their new stuff!

The twin toddler beds. Aren’t they just too cute?


The Princess and the Bear looking at a bug on the window:


The Princess told me, “Mom, take a picture of me sleeping in my bed.” She is so sweet.


Hanging out in the Princess’ bed.


In our last house, the twins rarely had to venture going up or down stairs. At the new place they have to use stairs all the time, and so far they are doing good.


The Baby looking in the mirror on our bedroom door. She is so adorable, I can’t stand it.


The Princess reading books, and the Baby contemplating taking a few steps. No steps were taken after this photo, but I’ll be sure to let you know once it happens!


Hanging out and reading… Love that our kids love to read!


More reading. I think I see a theme here. Lovely.


And that’s it for today. Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

— the Jilb



  1. Do they ask about the old house? Do the twins stay in their beds?

    • A few times Aidan has asked to go home, and I just tell him we are home.

      The twins stay in their beds for the most part. I’ve found Aidan asleep on the floor. Haha.

  2. Sweet, tender AIdan-I hope he doesn’t miss the old house too much. Glad the girls have adapted so well!

    • Yeah, sensitive boy. I think he loves the new house. Lots of running room!

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