The Carrot Stick That She Loved

October 31, 2011

Last week for lunch I gave the baby a carrot stick. Seeing as how this was her first carrot, she had to inspect it.


Then she had to give it a little taste.


And then she spotted her sippy. She needed it at that moment, but she couldn’t let go of the carrot because it’s her favorite.


And then she needed a bite of her cheese quesadilla because, you know, we don’t just have carrots for lunch. And still she held onto that thing.


And then she held the carrot like a cigarette because she’s funny that way.


And, really, this story about the carrot she loved could go on and on, but I’ll just end it here.

She ate it.

— the Jilb



  1. I love the film noir lighting in the carrot/cigarette picture!

  2. Haha! Nice post, and nice picture of the CSM (carrot-smoking miniature). It reminds me of one time in 3rd grade when I was eating carrot sticks for a snack, and my teacher, obviously shocked, yelled, “JOHN!!!” Based on what she saw, she thought I was standing in the middle of the classroom with a big stogie cigar in my mouth.

    • Haha, stupid teacher. 🙂

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