Potty Training Day 199

December 29, 2011

I realize that I already have a post about potty training. This seems to be the story of our lives.

Since Reinman has a few weeks off of work, we’ve decided to really hit the whole potty training thing with the twins hard again. Boo! We did something, I think, that is kind of drastic. We don’t have a bathroom on the main floor, only upstairs or in the basement, so we put their potty chairs in the dining room. Gross, I know.

The good thing is, is that now they can sit on their potties, read books, and not feel left out. And I love not having to run them upstairs every 10 minutes because they think they need to go potty. Note: So far, whenever they think they need to go potty, they don’t.

I’ve even got a jar of miscellaneous leftover Christmas candy ready and willing to be eaten as a prize for going in the potty. We’re just waiting.

I promise if you happen to be visiting our house, the potty chairs should be back in their bathrooms.

And then the Bear started bugging the Joker while she was trying to go potty. Hitting her with books. Screaming at her (in a nice way). Kicking her. All those things that boys seem to love to do, the Bear was doing them.

So, we separated them. One potty chair in one corner. One in the other.

The Bear was pretty pleased about the whole thing. Now, if they would only go potty in the potty. Then I’d be happy.

If someone wants to come over and potty train the twins, I will pay you… in cookies.

— the Jilb



  1. LOL!!!!! I was wondering if you were going to bring the potty chairs downstairs – although they love going up and down the stairs, but so does Julia 🙂

    Hope it works!!!!! Let me know how I can help in this endeavor on Saturday (don’t bother putting the chairs in the bathroom. Now that I know they’re OK in the dining room, we’ll keep the training going!)

    • Hehe. Yeah, they haven’t gone in them yet but they’ve had more chances to. I think it’ll work. Well, it’ll have to. 🙂

  2. A lot of people put potties in other rooms. It makes things easier when they are little.

    • It certainly has made things easier for us!

  3. Hehe, we had a potty in the living room for a while. Good luck!

    • So far, so good! The Bear has been wearing undies for a few days now, and loves the potty. The Joker, on the other hand, hates it. LOL.

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