New Banner

February 5, 2012

(Look up)

As loyal readers have likely noticed, the primary content of this blog has changed quite a bit over the past several months.

So, the Jilb and I figured it was about time to update the banner in order to accurately reflect what this blog is primarily about — namely, amateur Photoshopping and varying shades of blue rectangles.

— Reinman



  1. Good job, hunny! I love it. 🙂

  2. I must make a lot of sweets. 😉

    • I think there’s a lettuce leaf in the corner of one pic, so that counts ; )

      • (I purposefully left a space in my wink because I don’t like when my emoticons get hijacked. I prefer the simple elegance of the punctuation.) <= like that dude — he's smiling even though he's only got one eye.

  3. Sweets and Star Wars, can’t get much better can it?

    • Haha, true!

    • Yeah, there was no way I was getting rid of the Walker. I think half my posts are about “Empire” (so in other words, two whole posts).

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