Sick Kids and Movies

February 16, 2012

Our kids were sick for like a week, maybe even longer. I’m pretty sure we watched 2-3 movies a day, if not more.

I know, bad parenting. They all started out with colds, runny noses and the like. That’s not so bad, but then it turned to puking. (TMI. Sorry).

I could tell that they were getting antsy, wanting to burn off energy, but every time they would start running a coughing fit would ensue and then came the puking. Yuck. You would hear me yelling, “Stop running! You’re going to get sick! Sit down and watch a movie.” Never thought I would say those words.

They’re all feeling better now though. Thank God! The weather has been nice, which means days of running outside, and soon summer will be here. I can’t wait!

— the Jilb



  1. I can’t wait for summer, either, although this has been a pretty mild winter.

  2. Yeah, this winter has been really, really nice.

  3. Glad they are feeling better. Not bad parenting at all!

    • Haha, I suppose not. 🙂

  4. 😦 I remember those days…
    I’m sure your kids will remember the coziness of your home and the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen more than anything…:-)

    • Thanks, Faye! I bet that’ll be true!

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