A New Trick

May 3, 2012

And it’s kind of ticking me off.


She thinks she’s so funny! (Which she is. Don’t get me wrong!)



I just wish I could find a way to keep her off the table…


— the Jilb



  1. If you find a way to keep her offlet me know all my kids have done it n no sign of stopping. For aaliyah

    • Ha! I will. I thought maybe pushing in the chairs would help, but it doesn’t, she just pulls them out.

      Now, I find her eating whole pieces of fruit from our fruit bowl, drinking coffee, water, milk, whatever is on the table she’s into. I hope it’s just a phase!!

  2. Oh, no! A climber!

  3. That’s funny : ) and she is adorable! Our son loves getting on our island too! He dances and sings, he thinks it’s a stage!

    Once you find out how to get your daughter off the table, maybe you can help us…

    • Haha! She’ll dance too. Funny kids!

      Yeah, I’m starting to think there’s not much we can do about it…

  4. LOL, she looks so proud of herself for getting up there! We tried removing the chairs from the table entirely for a while, but it’s a bit impractical every time you need to sit down and eat 😉

    • I love the idea of removing the chairs… but I’m lazy. Hehe.

      • We’re lazy too, so it got to us eventually 🙂 Then, she just lost interest in it…and we started doing time outs when she got older if she tried to climb up on the table, which worked!

      • Time outs are such a good thing!

  5. So cute! I just want to kiss those plump cheeks. She’s adorable. My 1-year has been climbing on the table too. I haven’t figured out a way to keep him off yet. Just keep taking pictures. 🙂

    • It must just be a stage that everyone’s kids go through!!

      Yep– that’s all I do is take pictures. 😉

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