It’s the Small Things

July 5, 2012

I find that it can be tough to slow down, to take those moments with my kids, to enjoy them. Instead, I get caught up in blogging, texting, emailing, and other social media. Those things aren’t bad, but I just need to remember to limit my time online.

So, this morning the Joker says to me, “Sit down next to me, Mommy.”

I do.

Then she says, “I love your hair, Mommy.”

I tell her I love her hair, too.

Then she touches my face very seriously, and says, “I love your face, Mommy.”

I expected her to say that she loves me, not my face, so I start laughing, and tell her I love her face, too.

One moment like that can make my morning. How blessed I am to be her Mommy.



  1. So sweet! Go ahead and let her wear the yellow dress, too!

    • She’s very obsessed with wearing a dress each day. Silly girl. I’m trying to save a few of them so she has something stain-free to wear to church.

  2. How sweet! I love it! My daughter loves to wear dresses too – everyday she asks to wear one so she can look like a princess….love this age!

    • That’s exactly what she says every morning– she needs to wear a dress to be a princess! Haha!

  3. So sweet.

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