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Iced Salted Caramel Mocha

July 9, 2012

So, next week is our one-year blog-aversary (I know it’s not a word, but I like it!). So, starting next Monday there will be a fun giveaway, along with some fun food. Stay tuned!

My favorite drink during the winter season is the Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha. A few days ago I got to thinking about how I’ll probably post a homemade version of that this Fall, and then I thought why don’t I make an iced version for these hot days we’re having?

This drink is perfect for this crazy, hot weather we’re having. It’s chocolate-y with a hint of caramel. I sprinkled a mixture of sea salt and raw sugar on top of the whipped cream which gives it a really nice sweet and salty crunch.

Make this, and you won’t be disappointed. Really, how could you go wrong?

Iced Salted Caramel Mocha

recipe inspired from The Motherload


  • ice
  • iced coffee
  • milk
  • 1/2 T cocoa powder (or more if you want more chocolate)
  • 1/2 T caramel coffee syrup (you find this in the coffee aisle at the supermarket. I’ve heard that the toffee syrup is supposed to be even better)
  • whipped cream
  • caramel syrup (like ice cream topping– i usually like to use homemade if I have it on hand)
  • sea salt/raw sugar mixture to sprinkle (I make this using 1/8 salt to sugar ratio– so, 1/8 tsp of salt to 1 tsp of raw sugar)


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice. Fill another glass half with milk, and half with iced coffee. Mix in your cocoa and caramel syrup. Then pour over the glass with the ice in it. Top with whipped cream, caramel syrup, and then sprinkle with the salt/sugar mixture.
  2. Enjoy!

— the Jilb