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Iced Coffee

May 9, 2012

This Iced Coffee recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman. When I first saw this recipe last year, I thought, “Genius!” I love getting iced coffees and iced lattes from coffee shops, but boy does it add up. Making your own is wonderful for your wallet, and it also tastes awesome! (I’ve come to find I prefer my own iced coffees to the coffee shops.)

This is really easy to make. All you do is put your coffee grounds in a water pitcher, add 9 cups of water, stir and let it sit overnight. That’s basically it.

I didn’t change the recipe at all, except to make the amounts smaller. If you need some add-in ideas for your coffee, PW has some on her blog. So yummy!

Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee

recipe from PW


  • 2 cups ground coffee
  • 9 cups water
  • milk, sugar, cream, whatever you want to add to your coffee


  1. Put your coffee in a water pitcher and add your water. Give it was a mix and then let it sit overnight on your counter. (I try not to let my coffee sit out more than 12-13 hours or it can get bitter.)
  2. Line a mesh strainer with cheesecloth and set over a container or another pitcher. Pour coffee/water mixture through the strainer, allowing all the liquid to run through. Throw away the grounds.
  3. Place coffee in fridge and allow to get cold.
  4. To make iced coffee: Fill a glass with ice, and pour as much coffee and other add-ins as you want. I usually do half coffee, half milk. If I’m feeling adventurous, I might add a little chocolate syrup.
  5. Enjoy!

— the Jilb