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Strawberry Watermelon Floats

July 23, 2012

I saw this recipe awhile ago in Health magazine, and have been wanting to make it. Well, I finally got a chance to make them and they’re pretty good. I’ll admit that Reinman liked them more than I did, but they’re still pretty tasty for these hot days we’re having.

I think next time I make these I’ll try with Sprite or 7-Up instead of club soda. I think that may taste a little bit better, at least to me.

Strawberry Watermelon Floats

recipe from Health Magazine


  • 1 cup 1/2-inch watermelon cubes
  • 1 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
  • lime or lemon sherbet
  • chilled club soda


  1. Combine watermelon, strawberries, vinegar, and cayenne pepper in a medium bowl.
  2. Divide about 2/3 of the fruit into two tall glasses. Add 1-2 scoops of sherbet to each glass, and top with remaining fruit. Fill with club soda.
  3. Enjoy!

— the Jilb