I Love Me Some Coupons

September 2, 2011

I’ve been couponing for over a year and love it! No, I’m not one of those crazies on that TLC show. And I know not all of them are crazy. In fact, Joanie, who runs one of the first coupon blogs I found last year, Krazy Coupon Lady, was on the show and she is definitely not crazy. Maybe a little extreme. But that’s alright. Check out her blog. They have a great set up over there. And if you have never couponed or thought about couponing they have a great beginner page.

The kids love coupons.


Okay, really they love looking at coupons and then tearing them up, and then feeding them to the Baby.


I can just see the wheels turning in this picture:


Some of my favorite coupon websites are:

The Krazy Coupon Lady (A basic coupon website that has a ton of information on coupons and other deals.)

Wild for Wags (A coupon site mostly dedicated to Walgreens, where I get most of my deals.)

Money Saving Mom (Another coupon website, but she also has a lot of DIY things that I love, like the homemade pizza dough talked about here.)

And then a few sites where you can print coupons off right from home:


Red Plum

Smart Source

Have I left out of any of your favorite coupon websites? If so, let me know!

— the Jilb



  1. I love that last picture.

    • Me too. It’s so him!

  2. Looks like Aidan found a coupon for big boy Pull-Ups!

    • Haha, is that a hint, Mom? 😉

  3. How do you pronounce “coupon?”


    • Btw, the Blond pointed out the changing season banner motif.

      Love it.

      • I know! I love it too. Reinman did a good job.

    • Ha!

      I usually pronounce it “coo-pon,” but some people pronounce it “q-pon.”

    • To me, “Q-pon” sounds like the lesser pronunciation. (I just can’t bring myself to call it the “dumber” pronunciation, having been brain-washed by a couple of well-meaning but nevertheless euphorian BSU profs.)

      There is nothing in “coupon” that would indicate the “Q” sound, though that’s not necessarily the final say on the matter because, on the whole, pronunciation of the English language is whack, yo.

      • Just ask James Earl Jones.

  4. Harking back to my college days, my mass com professor– the late, and much missed Archie Hill–always told us that COO-pon was more “journalistically sound,” thus ruining me whenever I have heard it pronounced otherwise.

  5. Pronounced like: Pardon me, do you have any grey cou pons?

    Actually, I think I use both variations.

  6. I was also going to comment on the change of season banner. Very nice.

  7. Beautiful pics of Aidan! So helpful 🙂

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